I Have No Pedestal

I’m not spiritual.
I’m not evolved or advanced.
I’m not a guru.
You can judge me more by what I’m not, rather than what I am.
I’ve spent most of my life getting rid of things rather than acquiring them.
I never really wanted to ‘become’ anything.
And I still haven’t got rid of enough.
My ‘rough’ South London/ council estate upbringing and culture is still in my body, my avatar, but at least I can see it for what it is.
I still have many faults but hopefully I can catch them as they arise.
I am still a work in progress, still shedding.
All the time we have a body we will have anger, fear, pain, suffering and desire, we can’t stop that but we can recognise it, see it for what it is and then not suffer about our suffering.
Mindfulness and meditation through Tai Chi, Taoism and Buddhism has given me the ability to see what I don’t need.
I am grateful for that and happy to sit at the bottom rather than rise to the top.
I have no pedestal, so don’t put me on one.

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