The Key To Success

Society trains you to fail. That’s how the rich get get richer and the poor get poorer. If you don’t train your mind, body and emotions together, you will fail. If you don’t understand that permanent change takes resolve, effort and time, you will fail.

Every day my FB feed is full of 7 day wonders and people thinking that all the ‘miracle’ training methods, diets, and buzz word systems will change their life with a miracle in a short period of time and then they can go back to their shit lifestyle and all will be good.

The ‘miracle’ is understanding that resolve is key and that you need to train your mind and emotions along with your body as you are only ever as strong as your weakest point.

The snake oil salesman don’t want you to understand that, they want you to think that you can change your life in 7 days with a ‘buzz’ word miracle training system, diet or mindfulness technique probably without ever leaving your own home or having to put yourself out other than buying whatever they are selling.

Life isn’t like the shit they’re shovelling, it’s simple but maybe not what you want to hear and simple isn’t always easy.

It takes time, resolve and determination, breaking habits and addictions, mentally, emotionally and physically is painful but infinitely rewarding.

Most importantly you’re not a slave to the advertising gurus, you become your own person.

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