The Right Perspective

When you have the ability to separate yourself from human dogma and view life from heaven’s perspective you see that every person has their own challenges and they measure up very differently to the human cultural approach.

If you look at it from a martial arts perspective, who achieves most, the natural athlete who easily gets to black belt or the disabled student who struggles their way to green belt?

You can look at life in the same way, it’s not about looking at others and what they have, can do or have achieved, reality is focusing on where you are, what your individual conditions and challenges are and how you deal with them.

In the larger perspective beyond human dogma and culture heaven will judge you in this way and not how the human main stream media and others would have you believe.

It’s all about perspective and when you can see life in the right way you can have far more kindness and compassion toward yourself and others and the individual challenges we all have to face.

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