Femininity And Equality

Femininity is not the same as equality.

Equality is judged by numbers and women have had to become like men or the image that men want to fit into their world and of course that doesn’t really make them equal, just manly or sexy objects tolerated by men to make it appear that they are equal.

The problem is that because of our culture true femininity has been crushed by a patriarchal society so not many know the difference.

What are the qualities of femininity? They are everything that our society lacks at the moment and should be recognised and promoted.


As a community, from politics, business, family and friends, these qualities should be promoted. Their absence makes our world a nasty, ‘dog eat dog’, selfish, uncaring place. These traits are more natural in women and we should all be educated that they are the balancing factors that we need to bring into politics, the workplace and society in general.

To be admired women should not have to behave like men, they should not have to dress and behave like prostitutes, the media is awash with this sort of imagery and it needs to change.

It’s a fundamental change that so far has been beyond the perspective that most people have because of the imagery they’ve been fed by our media. Let’s not encourage women behaving like men, looking like painted clowns and marketing pornographic imagery of themselves to be accepted. Let’s discover and accept real femininity to get true equality.

2 thoughts on “Femininity And Equality

  1. This post reinforces that the real value of the journey is found in the insights and lessons that help make us more cognizant and engaged human beings. What a great message coming from a martial artist. Our industry tends to be misrepresented by knuckle-dragging meatheads that can only see value in weaponizing themselves and their students physically while ignoring their intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs. Your example makes me proud to be a martial artist.

    Great message to start 2021. Happy New Year Sifu!


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