A Different Tao

steve hood

I’m on a different path.

I’m a vegetarian Buddhist Taoist martial artist.

I fight for peace, not war.

I don’t have to convince everyone I’m ‘hard’.

Don’t need to threaten them.

I’m not so scared of everyone that I have to snarl like an abused dog sitting in the corner.

Not so needy that I have to behave like a Diva.

Don’t need to make myself look bigger by making others look smaller.

I prefer to support what’s good, not shout about what’s bad.

Don’t need new trendy names or pretty clothes.

A turd rolled in glitter is still a turd.

Traditional values, names and systems are fine with me.

Don’t need awards or certificates, what I think of myself is more important.

What I give is more important than what I take.

My skill is more important than my reputation.

Supporting and improving my family, students and community are all the riches I need.

Meaning and purpose to life are more important than riches and the admiration of others.

Looking inwards is more important than looking outwards.

Sitting still is just as important as moving.

Mindfulness is life, mindlessness is death.

Martial arts training is an alchemy that is life changing.

You either grow up or behave like a needy child throwing tantrums when you don’t get what you want.

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