Martial Chakras

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Martial Chakras

“Chakras?  What are they all about then?”  Ray was always the sceptic.

John answered “the word ‘chakra’ means ‘spinning wheel’, and it refers to the spinning wheels of energy on the microcosmic orbit.”

“Microcosmic orbit?” Ray jeered, is that out of Star Trek?  “Is it further than the Milky Way?”

“As far as your understanding goes,” said John, “it might as well be…”

“Fill me in dude, fill me in…” Ray wasn’t going to let go, “I need to know about ‘chakras’ and the ‘microcosmic orbit’..” Ray changed his finger ‘quote marks’ to the ‘live long and prosper’ sign from Star Trek with a big grin on his face.

“There’s nothing more I’d like than to ‘fill you in’” said John, “and to shove a Milky Way where the sun don’t shine, but we’re talking about an ancient system of mapping energy around the human body’”

“Ancient maps, microcosmic orbits, chakras, sounds like a great film, I’m all ears man, just like Spocky…”  Ray just can’t help himself; once he gets going no one can stop him…

“There’s no point in trying to explain anything to you,” said John in an exasperated manner.. “you’re just a born sceptical urine extractor!”

“I’m sorry,” said Ray, “I can’t help it, it sounds so ‘Trekkie’ and far fetched, it’s like this whole chi thing, nothing can be scientifically proven, so I really can’t see the point, I only deal in facts – and lets face it, this is all a construct of someone’s imagination.  I can’t believe that you fall for it all…”

At this point, Sensei made his usual well timed entry.

“Sensei,” said John “we were just talking about chakras and the microcosmic orbit, Ray is a non believer.”

Ray just couldn’t let that go knowing that Sensei was a practical person, “you don’t believe in it do you Sensei?”

“I don’t believe in anything,” said Sensei in a ‘matter of fact’ fashion.

Ray had that ‘I told you so’ glow about him and gave John ‘the finger’ in a way that Sensei couldn’t see.

“But……” Sensei hadn’t finished.  “This is what I DO know, when I follow the instructions given to me that have been handed down by generations of martial artists, when I soften, shape and move my body in the prescribed way, when I breathe as I’ve been taught and use the mindset I’ve been given, my ‘hackles’ rise with a controlled adrenaline release, firing energy up my back and the energy from that drains from my head to my abdomen, this matches the microcosmic orbit John described and most definitely increases my vigour and general health.”

Then you do believe it?” queried John.

“No, I don’t believe anything; I’m telling you what I know from direct experience.”

“What about the chakras then Sensei?”  Ray was now curious.

Sensei continued, “at the location of the root chakra, I experience sexual excitement and mortal fear, this is in accordance with ‘Jing’ energy.”

“Sensei’s don’t get sexually excited or feel fear!”  Ray couldn’t help himself.

“Oh, you’re young,” smiled Sensei, “at the sacral chakra point I feel all my ‘gut instinctive feelings’ it’s the location of my ‘seiki tanden’ and I move from there, it’s my centre point of balance and I commit my power from that point, this is in accordance with the idea of ‘chi’.

At the point of the solar plexus chakra, I experience the feelings of fear and anger, and when I can overcome them, I experience the power described as ‘geng’.”

“What do you mean by ‘geng’?” asked John.

“Geng is ‘warrior energy’” answered Sensei, if you have command of your sexual drive, your understanding of life and death, are in touch with and have learned to rely on your instinctive self and then conquered fear and anger, you are a martial arts warrior.  It’s said that you become the warrior and the gardener, you can deal with the violence of war and still go home and tend to the roses afterwards.”

“Interesting idea,” said John.

“Those three chakras are tied to the earth; they deal with survival and procreation, the ones above deal with human aspiration.  This is in accordance with the ‘snake and the crane’ – the snake is bound to the earth and the crane can leave the earth and fly in the heavens.

At the location of the heart chakra I experience the feelings of love, patience, tolerance and compassion.  These feelings are difficult if I’m still troubled by fear, anger, lust and desire.

At the throat, I experience communication, I ‘choke back’ on words that I’m unable to express either through lack of skill or emotion.

When I focus at the third eye in meditation, when untroubled, I experience visions, dreams and inspiration, and when I ‘lighten’ the crown of the head my whole body lightens with the feeling described as ‘shen’ or ‘spiritual energy’.”

“I can understand some of that,” said Ray “but I don’t feel the others, so I’m afraid I can’t believe it.”

“No one’s asking you to Ray,” answered Sensei, “as I said, I don’t believe anything, I’m only relating my personal experience to you.  It’s entirely up to you whether you ‘believe’ in what I say – and I’d be disappointed if you did, you should challenge all knowledge and experience it for yourself, because only then will you really ‘know’ it.”

“Then I’ll consider your statements and test them for myself,” said Ray in a matter of fact tone.

“Good man,” said Sensei…

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