Martial Chakras

Martial Chakras “Chakras?  What are they all about then?”  Ray was always the sceptic. John answered “the word ‘chakra’ means ‘spinning wheel’, and it refers to the spinning wheels of energy on the microcosmic orbit.” “Microcosmic orbit?” Ray jeered, is that out of Star Trek?  “Is it further than the Milky Way?” “As far as your understanding goes,” said John, “it might as well be…” “Fill me in dude, fill me in…” Ray wasn’t going to let go, “I need to know about ‘chakras’ and the ‘microcosmic orbit’..” Ray changed his finger ‘quote marks’ to the ‘live long and prosper’ … Continue reading Martial Chakras

The Chakras

I’m not going to give you collected information on the Chakras, no wiki information from the internet, no aura colours or gemstones – all that ‘academic’ information can be gathered via the internet and in my opinion can be untrustworthy. What I will give you is my direct experience from 40 years of martial arts training and healing in a way that I hope that you can directly relate to and experience for yourselves. I’ll also map out the alchemy and healing of a human being through the practice of the Martial Arts and how it reflects through the Chakras. … Continue reading The Chakras