You’ll Have To Kill Me…


You’ll Have To Kill Me…

The only way you’ll stop me is to kill me.

I don’t give up.

If I gave up I might just as well be dead.

Because life will have no value for me.

This makes me pick my battles carefully,

I won’t pick a fight just because I’m angry,

Or disappointed, or any other shallow reason,

Every challenge is one that I am prepared to dedicate my life to.

There is only win or die,

Nothing in between,

Every thought, movement and technique has this dedication,

Not desperate, but resolute and determined.

Starting on the path of martial arts,

For me was not a ‘social’ decision,

It wasn’t ‘something to do’,

It was beginning a transformation.

I will not fail again,

I will not lose again,

I will do whatever is required,

Win or die.

I may lose a battle,

But I won’t lose a war,

I only lose if I stop.

So I won’t stop.

I will play the long game,

Anything worth having,

Doesn’t come easily,

I’m always ready for a war of attrition.

I practice and study more that anyone else,

My body is ready,

My mind is ready,

I am always as prepared as I can be.

I don’t waste my time,

I don’t waste my money,

I only use what I really need,

The rest is ready for battle.

I watch any potential opponent,

I see their strengths and weaknesses,

I note their vulnerabilities,

Always ready to go for the kill.

The greatest victory,

Is where there is no fight,

Where you defeat the opponent with your mind,

The mind is the hardest ‘muscle’ in the body to train.

The ‘warrior way’ is long term victory,

To be determined when others give up,

To always challenge adversity,

And not stop until death.

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