3 Essentials To Enlightenment


3 Essentials To Enlightenment

If you want to be enlightened,

And that doesn’t mean in the hippie sense,

But to unburden yourself from too much suffering,

There are 3 essentials that will help.

The first is knowledge,

To become the one that knows,

Some people get this through experience and study,

And some just never do.

Knowledge gives a broad perspective,

It helps you follow the right path,

Books, learning and listening give knowledge,

Intelligent use of them makes you grow.

Study, meditation and experience,

Are three keys to learning,

The way of the true warrior,

Is the pen, stillness and the sword.

Knowledge is very helpful,

But only if it leads to truth,

Discovering truth and how it manifests,

Is the second essential to grow.

Truth is always there and always the same,

There is no ‘your’ or ‘my’ truth,

Because it just is,

When seen, it always works.

The search for truth means no distraction,

You cannot be lazy or apathetic,

Never take anyone’s word,

But always discover for yourself.

Politics, media and business,

Always want to distract,

To give themselves power over you,

They cannot afford the truth.

The truth sets you free.

When seen it cannot be unseen.

The confusion in life is visible,

When the veil is lifted.

The third essential is friendship,

Others on your path,

Choose your friends wisely,

And bonded you are strong.

We are a communal species,

We work well as a group,

Isolation make us scared and lonely,

Making us prey for social predators.

When we join together,

Seeking knowledge and truth,

We evolve into something better,

And the burden of life is lifted.

Becoming the one that knows,

Following the path of truth,

Joining together in friendship,

Is the triple gem of wisdom.

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