The Learning Process

Dennis teaches 2

The Learning Process

The learning process of the mind,

Is a specific process,

It is important to understand,

To be able to learn effectively.

Shi Kon use a mnemonic acronym,

As this is the best way to remember,

If you refine this process,

All learning will be easier.

The acronym we use is ATARC,

This is a specific order,

One cannot be done effectively,

Without the preparation of the other.

A is for attitude,

This is the most important,

Unless this is in the correct state,

Everything else will be wrong.

Attitude is emotional intelligence,

Putting nothing in the way of learning,

If you think you can’t, you can’t,

And if you think you can, you can.

Bowing as you enter the training area,

Is the most important task,

Clearing the mind of all its junk,

And preparing to learn without hindrance.

T is for thought,

Taking in the correct information,

Then planning the movement,

Planning and preparation mean you know what you are about to do.

A is for action,

Action is the result of attitude and thought,

In itself it is pure,

And unhindered at the time.

R is for refection,

Looking back to see if it was right,

Applying attitude and thought,

Were they physically enacted?

C is for correction,

It is easy to make it worse,

Correct attitude, thought or action,

By changing the correct thing the correct way.

The chain is a powerful tool,

If you understand its use,

Developed as a learning process,

It empowers and corrects itself.

Learning how to learn,

Putting nothing in the way,

And understanding the process.

Changes everything forever,

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