Are You A Fattist?


Are You A Fattist? 

Telling a person they’re fat,
And should get their lard arse of the couch,
And come down to your club or gym,
Makes you the fattist.

Every advert is about being skinny,
Every pop up on the screen,
It’s a ‘miracle’ pill or method,
Preying on the weak.

People are overweight for many reasons,
Some have a thyroid dysfunction,
For some it’s caused by medication,
And some can’t move because of disability.

For some food is an addiction,
And some are emotionally disturbed,
What makes it worse for all of them,
Is that it’s there for all to see.

Do you pick on the anorexic?
Do you ridicule the sick?
Do you bully the alcoholic?
And tell them to get their arse to your gym?

“Stop eating” you tell them,
Don’t you think they would if they could?
Like an alcoholic can stop drinking,
Or a drug addict can stop taking drugs.

If you’ve always been skinny,
You may not realise the pain you cause,
An overweight person knows exactly,
What the the problem is they have.

Like any ill person,
They need understanding and help,
Not some ignorant person,
Trying to cash in on their pain.

Take care with your words and perspective,
Remember words can wound more than knives,
It’s our job to help people with problems,
Not bully them with our hand in their pocket.

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