Who Do You Train For?

Chris and Steve

Who do you train for?

Is it yourself? Or your self?

Do you train to please your Instructor?

Are you good because he says you are?

Do you ‘try’ to do your martial arts well?

If you’re ‘trying’ to do something,

You’re not really doing it,

You’re admitting failure before you begin.

If you separate yourself from doing your art,

You’re doing the opposite to what you should.

If you’re training to please a separate ‘self’ you’ll fail,

If it’s to please any other person, you will always be vulnerable.

If you stop ‘trying’,

If you stop trying to please your self or others,

If you stop criticising your performance,

The paradox is that you will improve.

‘Good’ is relative, who is better?

The ‘special needs’ student who makes green belt after 10 years,

Or the athletically gifted student who makes black belt in 2yrs?

Is it better for us to judge or heaven?

The purpose of life is to fully engage in every moment,

You cannot do this if you are also judging,

If you stress yourself about how you de-stress,

You will never find the way.

An intelligent, engaged heart in your activity,

A fully engaged non judgemental mind,

Pure enjoyment in your actions,

Will make you the best you can be.

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