Looking Back Down Our Eyes..


Looking Back Down Our Eyes..

We can’t look back down our own eyes,

To see who’s looking out,

Or listen down our ears,

To find who’s listening.

We can’t smell who’s smelling,

Or taste who’s tasting.

We can’t bite our own teeth,

Or even beat our own heart.

We can’t hold our breath until we die,

Or stop our heart from beating,

Our internal organs work by themselves,

Until it’s time to die.

We think we have control,

And we may have a little,

Not as much as we’d like,

Or do we have any?

Who or what is our ‘puppeteer’?

What is looking out of our eyes?

Beating our heart,

And choosing when we die?

When it speaks, can we hear?

What language does it use?

Can we understand?

Can it be named?

When we sit still,

And our mind is aware and focused,

When it is sensitive and intense,

Then we can understand.

Behind the fabric of life,

Underneath the theatre,

There is a conversation,

Than doesn’t use words.

Be still and hear it,

Your body talks to you,

So does the rest of the world,

In a silent language,

The one spoken by the Gods.

That which unifies everything,


I was there all the time,

I was lost and now I’m found…

Just bigger than I thought I was…..

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