Armed Or Unarmed?


Armed Or Unarmed?

What came first,
The chicken or the egg?
Weapons training, or unarmed?
In martial arts it is a quest.

You would think unarmed led to weapons,
But it was most likely the other way.
Ever since man existed,
He threw rocks and used pointy sticks.

All fighting was weaponised,
Why do anything else?
The only time it became unarmed,
Was when the weapon was lost.

Village sport was wrestling,
Children in the garden wrestle,
Pups and cubs wrestle,
This made sport and play.

Why is this important?
Because martial skill begins with weapons,
Unarmed are adaptions of this,
Know the weapon, know the skill.

Weapons have to be precise,
One slip and you die.
Blades sharpen the mind,
Injury and death are always present.

Sticking, slipping, redirecting,
Cutting, slashing and stabbing,
Mobility, rooting and power,
Move seamlessly to the limbs.

Those that don’t train with weapons,
Inevitably settle for less,
They play and fight like children,
Never knowing what they’ve missed.

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