Digging Deep…

Sometimes you have to dig deep, like REALLY deep.
Trying to stop the body going into shock with pain.
Reducing one day at a time to one breath at a time.
Controlling the adrenaline from fear.
When you want to run or curl up, facing it as a warrior.
When you feel so angry you want to burn your world down.
Controlling reckless rage and the desire to kill or maim.
When I see advice from those that have never been there, I almost wish it on them.
Because until you’ve REALLY been there, you can never know.
Trash your ‘feel good’ memes, your fake rose tinted spectacles, and ‘copy and paste’ advice.
And listen to understand how real pain, fear, anxiety, anger, despair and depression can claw at your soul and what it actually takes to dig deep and deal with it.

One thought on “Digging Deep…

  1. Having had far too many trips to hospital with problems from heart issues to kidney problems I think I can honestly say that I can relate to this. Dealing with the rage the pain and the indignity is a hard thing to control….
    I found solace in my sense of humour and have often said that if I lose that then thinga are really serious

    Thanks for writing this Steve


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