3 Characteristics Of Existence

The search for truth is everything. The Buddha gave us 3 truths, the ‘characteristics of existence’ that are obvious but important to fully understand.

Everything is constantly changing and acceptance and understanding of this truth prevents unnecessary suffering.
“The shape changes but not the form” – Tao Te Ching

Life is suffering. Caused by the desire to have or not have something. The basic suffering of life cannot be avoided and must therefore be accepted, but ‘suffering about your suffering’ can be understood with insight and therefore averted and enlightened.

Non Self
The ‘self’ is the software of your ‘meat vehicle’ (your body), your thoughts and emotions, insight into realising that it is not your consciousness allows you view them objectively rather than subjectively and separate them from who you really are.

The practice of mindfulness leading to insight is the portal to fully realising these truths.

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