Soft Cotton Boxing

A soft front and a strong back is my mantra for life, embodied in the yin/yang symbol of our Tai Chi.

I teach from this, mentally, emotionally and physically, the old names of our art ‘Soft Cotton Boxing’ and ‘Deceptive Boxing’ are also good descriptions.

To be kind, compassionate, empathic, polite and well mannered are essential social skills for the soft front and resolute, determined and powerful are learned skills to back it up.

Our Tai Chi embodies the philosophy and skills necessary for a healthy, balanced life. Training needs to be sensuous and enjoyable, connecting and balancing the body from the spine and core outward to the feet and hands. It needs to be done naturally in the same way that animals learn through play to survive.

We shouldn’t have to punish ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally in a vain attempt to be healthy, that’s an unnatural route designed by others to make you feel inadequate.

If you wish to enrol into my 2023 programme, I have just 2 places left, go to for details.

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