The Abyss Of Death

We never truly understand life until the abyss of death is staring back at us into our very soul.

The veil that life throws over our head means that we forget we’re going to die and live as if we’re going to live forever and push it to the very back of our mind, occupying our headspace with trivia and human indoctrinated shit.

Only the ancient tribes that lived close to and in harmony with nature saw life and death in the right harmonious balance. Warriors confronting death on a daily basis also had to feel comfortable staring into that abyss.

Those of us that never felt fully engaged in indoctrinated society and studied the life/death balance with meditations like the Buddhist Maranasati also purposefully came to terms with staring into the abyss and allowing it to stare back.

You can only live life to the full when death only holds its natural fear and you don’t live mindlessly, distracted, lazily or frantically.

The only reason to be alive is just that, to be alive, nothing more, sit back and enjoy the ride.

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