‘Spiritual’ People Don’t Like Me

Most of the time ‘spiritual’ people don’t like me.
They make up so much shit to suit their flawed logic.
They also tend to be very narcissistic.
Somehow they’re always on a ‘higher plane’ than you.
Can see your ‘spiritual guides’ and ‘aura’,
And were often your ‘teacher’ in a former life.
They can’t see that they’re like a computer chip trying to understand a computer, then the user and then the universe.
Trying comprehend it with a thinking mind is crazy.
Then the ego and easy money come into it when they realise how gullible others can be.
You can’t define the infinite.
But you can experience it.
When you do you can’t explain it.
And everyone else has to discover it for themselves.
No higher planes and no easy money in the truth.

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