Martial Arts Biggest Secret

I wish my martial arts study had started with this information.

The ‘bodycore’ is the most important aspect of all training and study.

It consists of:

The Spine

The Deep Front Line

The Vagus Nerve

The spine is the ‘main mast’ of the body and everything grows out from it. It will bow backwards, forwards, sideways and twist.

The deep front line is the soft tissue core that runs connected from behind the ears to the arches of the feet and manipulates the spine in all the above movements.

The vagus nerve runs from behind the ears to the stomach, large and small intestines and controls all the major functions of the body.

Each of these and their functions are worthy of in-depth research.

I consider the three combined to be the ‘bodycore‘ and the secret to internal power.

It has 8 skills to be examined:









Good health, robust vigour and the power behind all martial techniques emanate from these understandings and skills.

At Shi Kon we train these with neigong (internal skills including standing postures and meditation) qigong (energy skill exercises to understand how to create and discharge energy) form (to combine and exercise these skills into martial technique) and push hands partner work ( to understand how to apply these skills with another person).

If you want to enroll on the 2023 Tai Chi Coaching Programme to learn and teach these skills go to for details and message me for a form either on here or any social media platform or by email at

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