Finding The Depth

I’ve never understood people with a romantic or joyous view of life. When I was young I hated life, didn’t get on at school or with my family. It was only when I discovered martial arts and Asian philosophy that I found peace and balance.

Life is suffering and learning how to see it in the right perspective and deal with it emotionally are good tools to have in your emotional toolbox.

It’s always struck me that the people that have the mask of a romantic and joyous view of life also tend to be the most needy and emotionally unstable.

Those that are desperate to accumulate wealth and recognition leaving others without and suffering are the most unstable and needy. A lot of the martial arts world is populated by these people because there is an abundance of recognition that can be bought and there are no recognised standards.

There is a culture of mutual promotion that doesn’t require the work and study.

To find the deeper aspects that helped me you won’t find it in the shallow end of the ‘market’ you would need to go ‘off piste’ and be able to apply critical thought to what you are presented with.

So cutting through the copy and paste quotes and memes and the standard advertising text copied from the business advisors you need to be able to see that which is original and representative of what you need to learn.

Those that have this depth need to present it with their original thought and studies on social media to provide balance for those that are looking. It’s not about marketing but sharing to make the world a better place.

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