What’s Your Personality?

What is your personality?

The word personality comes from the word ‘persona’ which in turn comes from the mask that actors wore on stage before the use of microphones to project their voices, thus ‘person sonar’.

We use different personalities or ‘masks’ according to the situation, so most people have a mask for the public, one for their friends, one for their family and then there is their true self.

Knowing who you are and what the masks are is an important skill in inhabiting a body or ‘being human’. The problem comes when we get so used to wearing a mask we forget who we really are and it gets so stuck that we think we are that mask and the body.

Mindfulness is the skill of being able to differentiate and knowing our ‘original face’ often described as the ‘uncarved block’. It is a place of refuge and healing in what could otherwise be a difficult world.

  • Steve Rowe

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