Chants And Chakras

Teaching Mikey this morning he made the point that I should record some of the things that I would rarely get to teach and this morning we were discussing how I train using a chant to alchemise the chakras.

The chant is traditionally used to raise the kundalini – the energy up the spine. To do this we have to release and then activate the areas of the spine that relate to the chakras.

The chant is Ra Ma Da Sa – Sa Sei So Hung.
Ra is the root chakra and raises the powerful life or death jing energy.
Ma is the sacral chakra and activates intuitive skills and chi energy.
Da is the solar plexus chakra and an geng energy getting rid of fear and anxiety.
The first Sa is the heart chakra developing patience and kindness.
The second Sa is the throat chakra and deals with communication skills.
Sei is the third eye brow chakra that deals with insight.
So is she going energy, the spiritual crown chakra connecting us to –
Hung that is the interpersonal chakra harmonising with universal energy.

Each part releases and manipulates a part of the spine and core, also releasing the energies connected with them and changing that part of our life, the last 3 raising the head and connecting us to heaven.

The chant has to be understood and repeated constantly until it becomes a constant positive ‘earworm’ throughout the day to have a good effect and change both our training and our lifestyle.

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