The Power Of A Logo

This is an original handmade piece of glass made by Ruth Dathorne for our Dojo and is important to me as it is the only 2 logos I’ve ever used in my 50 years in the Martial Arts. ‘Logo’ means ‘word of god’ and represents the soul and ethos of my path in the Martial Arts.

The person in the foreground was hand drawn by me in the 1970’s and is a yin/yang representation of a technique used in both Tai Chi and Karate and was our logo, badge and used on the front of the book we did in the ‘80’s on self defence.

The symbol behind him was designed by me and drawn by a student as a Dhamma Wheel in 1988 when we founded Shi Kon and represents the Buddhist 4 Noble Truths and the 8 Fold Path, the 4 distances in our training and the 8 principles that underlie all our techniques. It has been used as our logo ever since.

Our logo has never been a ‘business’ one but represents the soul, ethos and heart of everything we do. I love this combination of the two.

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