Dragons & Martial Philosophy

Dragons represent wisdom in many cultures, they are the combination of earth bound reptiles that can fly in the heavens.

In the West they have wings and breathe fire, Britain was supposed to built on the spine of a dragon and the powerful ‘ley lines’ that go through all our ancient sites carry the power of the country. Saint George killed pagan wisdom by slaying the dragon and Saint Patrick by ridding Ireland of the pagan snakes.

In the East dragons also represent old wisdom but rather than having wings they fly by magic usually attributed to a pearl being held in their claws. They come in different colours and hold up the pillars of heaven representing the different elements. Many martial art techniques include dragon names.

The photo is of one of the antique dragons in our dojo carved out of wood showing a very powerful posture. We have a yang male one guarding the door and a yin female one facing the shrine.

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