Simple Or Skilfull RBSD

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Simple Or Skilfull RBSD

“RBSD is the way forwards, because they don’t stand for any nonsense….”  Gamal had been on t’internet again and watching the free video clips of various instructors.

“Waddya mean ‘don’t stand for any nonsense’” asked Stuart.

“Look at this guy” said Gamal opening his laptop and turning the video on, “see how he’s showing how Karate stances and Defensive postures wouldn’t work in a fight and how his ‘natural movement’ is more effective?”

“What a weird way of teaching,” said Stuart scratching his head…

“Why’s that?” asked Gamal.

“Because he’s spending all his time telling and showing the students what NOT to do…. Surely it would be better spent showing and instructing them in what to do?”  Stuart looked genuinely confused.

“But he’s explaining why he thinks the other methods are useless,” said Gamal.

Stuart responded, “we’ve now been watching for 10 minutes and all he’s done is ridicule others, to make himself look bigger by trying to make others look smaller.  It doesn’t make sense, the students have learned nothing other than what his bigoted opinions are.”

“He’s just explaining his ‘no nonsense’ approach,” said Gamal.

“But he’s not,” said Stuart evenly, “what he’s done is to ridicule others that have been around a lot longer and are more successful than he is, what he hasn’t done is to explain or validate his system in any way.”

“He’s about to explain his system of movement now,” explained Gamal.

They both watched intently as the ‘camo’ dressed, American self-defence expert strutted his simplified, ‘natural’ movement stuff in front of the camera with his ‘no nonsense’ approach interspersed with a vocabulary more suited to the battlefield.

“He’s a big guy” noted Stuart, “using his size for power, I recognise the training method as US army style drills, take a situation, find a simple response and drill it over and over again, raising the aggression level to high, thus all the swearing and attitude so that it can be done by anyone aged between 18 and 35, out yob the yobbo.”

“Yeah,” said Gamal “a simple, no nonsense approach.”

“Hmmmmmmmm……..” responded Stuart.

“You don’t seem so sure Stuart?” asked Gamal.

“It’s no nonsense self defence, military style, for young males aged between 18 and 35, if anything it’s too simplistic in its approach and will therefore only suit people from that age and gender group who want the ‘quick’ simple method to look after themselves in an uncomplicated way in all out combat.  If only life were that simple” responded Stuart, all situations are different and many require a cool mind and soothing words as opposed to swearing and pre-emptive striking.  Often a situation even when it’s gone physical is better dealt with by using a restraint or lock.  It’s easy to end up in court or prison because of an unnatural response to provocation.

I think this guy has packaged his system to sell, using the term ‘natural’ movement in place of ‘unskilled’, he’s using his size and weight in place of skill and technique and mindless aggressive repetition will not improve skill level.  I remember Sifu saying that martial arts are not ‘natural movement’ but ‘skilled movement done naturally’ – a big difference!

As the people practising this system age, they will fade fast.  Martial Arts replaces youth and enthusiasm with skill, it also teaches wisdom in how to deal with all kinds of situations, if possible, with patience, tolerance and compassion, I don’t see any of that here.  This skill is suitable for people of all ages and both genders, so it’s accessible and skill building gives training and learning for life

So you could say that this system ‘does what it says on the tin’ but I think that even if you are in that age and gender group, you would be better off training in an established club, art and style with a proven record and long term practitioners that will improve your skill levels for life.  If you train to become more violent and aggressive you are in danger of becoming that which you abhor.  The other character traits that are bound to follow are going to be arrogance and use of simple responses to complex situations that will put you out of your depth and the end response will be violence from you.”

Gamal looked thoughtful…. “I see what you’re saying, it’s a bit like the ‘Cobra Kai’ instructor in the original ‘Karate Kid’, he was ex military who taught violence as a response….”

“This guy has cultivated a look, mannerisms and a response system that seem childlike and say to me “I’m really a scared person that will shout loud and be violent if you dare to question me”, is that where we want to go?  Is brutality, swearing, arrogance, unskilled movement and simple responses the way forward?”  Stuart looked intently at Gamal…

“No, it’s not,” replied Gamal, “but then I guess that’s why we train here…..


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