It’s Yesterday No More

yin yang plate

It’s Yesterday No More

What you think you were yesterday,

You weren’t.

What you think you are today,

You’re not.

Memories are false,

They’re what you want to make them.

If you’re troubled,

You think they’re bad.

If you’re happy,

You think they were good,

But everyone there will see them different,

Just like witnesses at a crime scene.

What you were and what you are now is not true,

It’s just your opinion,

What you did or didn’t do,

Is being judged by someone who is biased.

Biased by culture, plagued by guilt,

Sometimes hurt that is hidden,

Festering in a mental cupboard,

Arising when you’re drunk or sad.

What is good in one culture, is bad in another,

What is considered right in one age, is wrong in another,

Religion is always good, the politics of them are bad.

Wise teachings skewed for purpose by politicians.

The past is gone and now doesn’t exist,

Cut the cord and let it go.

Every day you are born again,

And can make a clean start.

Tainted by the past is bad.

Wizened by the past is good.

Withdraw the knife and heal,

Don’t keep stabbing yourself with it.

When we injure the body,

We take care of it and heal,

When we injure the emotions,

We keep doing it again and again.

So cut that cord and let it go,

Allow yourself to heal,

Do something positive,

And become a good person.

When you let go the light is brighter,

Colours are more vibrant,

The air is fresher,

And every day is good.

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