Direct Transmission…


Direct Transmission…

Martial arts training teach manners,

Manners and courtesy are a given,

This enables people to get along,

But then respect is earned.

Respect is a two way street,

It has to be earned both ways,

An Instructor earns the student’s respect,

And the student earns that of the Instructor.

This is deeper than it first appears,

There has to be faith both ways,

Nothing is understood at first,

Until both invest time and effort.

When an Instructor gives physical correction,

Sometimes the student is too stiff to correct,

Sometimes he is too floppy,

Often his mind is not in the right place.

As time goes by the relationship develops,

Respect is earned and given,

Faith and trust develop,

And then their ‘chi is in harmony’.

When their chi is in harmony,

Like dance partners they can work and move together,

Nothing is in the way,

They can ‘intuit’ each other.

This is called direct transmission,

The difference between ‘dial up’ and ‘broadband’,

‘Jikiden’ in Japanese,

‘Chap Sau’ in Chinese.

This ‘magic’ is still rare in the martial arts,

Because these days it’s seen as business,

Each one thinking of what they get,

Instead of working with each other.

You get out what you put in.

Emotional intelligence teaches people to work together,

Each partner plays their part,

Working together, greatness can be achieved.

Respect, faith and trust,

All have to be earned,

The more you give,

The more you receive.

When you trust you can yield,

When you yield you can learn,

With nothing in the way,

The Instructor can do his work.

But respect and trust cannot be earned lightly,

It takes time and effort,

Who is prepared to put in that work?

And let the magic happen?

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