The Deepest Door..


The Deepest Door..

Sit straight,

Breathe deep,

Focus the mind,

And wait for it to settle.

As moment passes to moment,

Increase the intensity,

Guard the senses,

And think without words.

The mind is the hardest muscle to train,

Weak people give up easily,

Training the body is easy,

Training the mind is the real challenge.

In stillness find the power,

Find the deepest door in your mind,

It will be protected by demons,

But when opened is the font of wisdom and power.

Your demons will always try to distract,

Other people will play on your demons,

Real power arises from intensity,

And using it to find your origin.

Therapy makes you find yourself,

Meditation realises there is no self,

There is no ‘I’ in the universe,

Only different shapes of the same thing.

This is he ‘Way’,

The deepest part of your mind,

You really are ‘at one with everything’,

Because you are all the same thing.

This is not a thought,

Not an emotion,

When you get there,

You will know.

Jesus spoke in parables,

The Buddha in Sutra’s,

Everyone alludes to it,

Because ‘the way can be spoken of is not the eternal way’.

Dig deep,

Keep going,

Don’t give up,

If others found it – so can you.

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