Like A Never Ending Circle…

rain leaf

Like A Never Ending Circle…

The universe is a spiral,

It’s what creates time,

The energy inside is always changing,

Continually creating life.

When energy touches the spiral,

It creates the opposite force,

In movement one creates the other,

In a never ending cycle.

When you look at the yin yang symbol,

The oldest known to man,

The symbol itself is spinning,

In a three dimensional way.

The outside circle is infinite,

Because a circle never ends,

The centre line is curved,

Because of it’s spiraling motion.

It is the ‘Way’,

Representing the journey of life,

From infinity to infinity,

Always in motion, between yin and yang.

Inside the spiral yang creates yin,

Life creates death,

Day creates night,

Male creates female.

And yin creates yang,

Death creates life,

Night creates day,

Female creates male.

This is the method of creation,

First it must have momentum,

This creates the opposite force,

Then one continually turns into the other.

If it was always warm,

You wouldn’t know it was,

If it was always day,

You wouldn’t know it was light.

The mind cannot comprehend the infinite,

It cannot see what is always there,

It can only compare one to the other,

And is blind to the underlying, infinite Way,

It cannot see it’s source,

It cannot see it’s destination,

It can only see what is now,

And with what it can compare.

Understanding the way it is,

Seeing the changes, feeling the ‘Way’,

This is the ‘Grand Ultimate’,

And the meaning of Tai Chi.

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