The Peng Balloon

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The Peng Balloon

The deep core of the body softens,

Until the feet spread evenly to the floor,

The arches fill with energy,

As they take the weight of the head.

The soften down creates the press up,

Causing the body to rise, stretch and open,

Up and out through the crown of the head,

Until everything balances upon itself.

As the spine opens upwards,

The shoulders and arm joints open downwards,

With a soft stretch to the fingertips,

Bringing the neural system alive.

The ankles, knees and hips unlock and soften,

Opening the hips and allowing the tailbone to drop,

The chest softens and the shoulder blades settle,

Until the weight drops down the inside of the legs,

Filling the arches of the feet.

The slight press backward in the arches,

Causes the lower back to open,

The shoulder blades to part,

And the base of the skull to rise.

These four pumps then breathe energy,

Rising up the back, energising the spine and head,

The tongue then joins the top palette.

To drain it back down to the feet.

And so the cycle begins,

Each breath nourishes,

Up the back to energise,

Down the front to calm.

The natural outwards spiral in the feet,

That doesn’t affect the joints,

Form a double helix at the torso,

To give a potential turn at any touch.

So the mind and body are in neutral,

But ready for any event,

With each breath the aliveness sharpens,

Making living engaged and intense.

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