Bringing Zombies To Life


Bringing Zombies To Life

Most people are zombies.

Why is this?

Because they are dead while they live,

Their body lives whilst their mind doesn’t.

They live in a dormant state,

Texting while they walk,

Earphones in while they run,

Or just blank minded mouth breathers.

How can they come to life?

How can we bring that spark back?

How can they become present in the moment?

And actually live their life?

The secret is in the Dojo,

In the first commands you are given,

“Stand tall, breathe deep and focus your mind,”

The moment you do this you wake up.

Good posture awakens the body,

It becomes aware of where it is in space,

The nerves light up and feed the brain,

And now you can really breathe.

Deep breathing fills the lungs with air,

Brings oxygen into the blood,

This brings it to the brain,

And then the brain lights up.

When the mind becomes aware,

Discipline brings it to focus.

With posture it becomes sensitive,

And now it can be intense.

Time for the zombie to awake,

And live in the present,

Fear of the past and future dissipates,

As enjoyment of each moment occurs.

When you stand you are standing,

When you walk you are walking,

When you sit you are sitting,

And when you are lying down you are at ease.

For 24/7 you become alive,

Treasuring each moment,

When you move the world moves with you,

And the ‘way’ of martial arts is in your heart.

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