You Can’t Stop Growing Old…

green man

You Can’t Stop Growing Old…

It begins when you’re shaving your Dad in the mirror,

When your first steps in the morning are like the ‘dawn of man’ poster,

When your designer stubble makes you look homeless,

And your back goes out more than you do.

Your karate belt gets shorter,

To kick someone in the head,

You have to kick them in groin first.

When you look around the club,

Everyone is younger than you.

You’re now officially ‘the old boy’.

Age can be a gift or a curse,

You can either wear it with dignity,

Or act disgracefully.

No-one wants to see their granny in a mini skirt,

Or dance with their Granddad at a disco,

When the old boy throws a head kick,

To show everyone that ‘he’s still got it;

Everyone looks down, hoping his knees won’t give way.

Thirty years of training,

Can mean thirty years of progressive study,

Or three years training repeated ten times,

Many black belts are white belts that make more noise.

Long term training should give you skill,

Grace, fluidity, power and wisdom.

It’s not what you do,

But how you do it that counts.

If you’ve filled your martial arts bank,

With many years of skill training,

Your autumn and winter years,

Are when you reap the benefit.

We need more aged skillful people,

Too many have wasted their time,

Living from the outside in,

Instead of the inside out.

From the inside out means you have much to teach,

Knowledge that can only be gained from time and effort,

Passing it on to the next generation,

Without frustration, anger and fear.

Many people do not age,

For they are already dead.

If you make that wizened state,

Give back, so others can learn.

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