The Aliens have Landed!


The Aliens have landed!

The mysterious spaceship lands,

The leaders of humanity arrive to greet it,

At last, we get to know what’s out there…

The crowds gather,

Everyone waits expectantly,

The doors ‘woosh’ open,

And perfectly circular beings roll out..

The Prime Minister steps forward and extends a hand,

The circle recoils, gathers itself and moves forwards;

“Sorry, your appearance is terrifying….

And I was taken aback.”

“You have tentacles – and tentacles on tentacles,

Eyes that swivel and scary teeth when you smile.

You look shaven with ugly bits of hair in strange places and move strangely;

We evolved from something like you.”

“But fear us not, we are here to help as an advanced species;

Our prime directive is not to interfere with the way you do things.

The way you treat each other and those beneath your evolved state,

Is the way that we will treat you.”

Everyone seemed happy… they were here to help,

“The universe is a dangerous place and not everyone is friendly,

We will make sure you are protected as we have the means.

Those that may be dangerous, we will control.”

“You kill each other without regard and anyone you see as a threat.

We will continue to do the same.

You breed, drug, confine and kill anything below your evolutionary state for food,

We will do the same… by the way we eat humans…..”

“But fear not as we will treat you kindly.

You will be locked in a safe place,

Bred to be healthy and plump,

You will be killed humanely.”

“You won’t know what’s happening because you’re not as evolved as us,

Your species will survive because you’re useful.

We will breed out any traits that don’t fit in;

Just like you do to others now.”

Gradually it dawned on the people watching,

That this was their new Government,

It would not be so different in the end even with the existing government,

Maybe they just wouldn’t eat people….

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