Life’s Not Fair…


Life’s Not Fair…

Life’s not fair,

It never was,

It’s your life,

Deal with it.

God won’t save you,

Neither will karma,

There is no lifeline,

You either swim or sink.

Life is a battle,

Your mind must be focused,

And always ready,

If it gets distracted,

You die.

When the warrior goes into battle,

If he thinks of home, he dies,

If he worries for the future, he dies,

He can only focus on the task in hand.

If he worries, he’s killing himself.

If he’s scared, he’s killing himself.

If he blames others, he’s killing himself.

Why would he do that?

The warrior deals with problems as they come along.

He maintains an unfettered mind.

That way he stands the best chance of survival.

If he fails, it’s game over.

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