Inside Out…

about to draw

Are your techniques YouTube friendly?

Do they follow the ‘fashion’ of the day?

Do you ‘train’ or do you ‘study?

Do you pay lip service to meditation?

Or do you assiduously study it?

Are you the person that everyone thinks you are?

Are you your grade and qualifications?

Are you your career and car?

Are you how attractive you appear to others?

Are you the ‘good guy’ everyone says?

Are flattered by others?

Do you go with the ‘zeitgeist’ of opinion?

Do you work to ‘fit in’ and be popular?

Do you culture yourself to be accepted and praised?

Are you always looking for acceptance?

Then you have not followed the Warrior Way.

Or has your meditation and study made you a real person?

Do you work everything out for yourself?

Are your opinions properly considered and truly yours?

Do you understand the skills that really work?

Have you discarded the culture that others gave you?

And worked to find out who you really are?

Are you prepared to go against the grain?

To upset the ‘popular’ crowd?

To think and act from the inside out?

Have you become a true warrior of life?

And a ‘’real’ martial artist?

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