The Training Bank

Chris Rowen 08 020

Be a saver not a spender.

Every training session good or bad,

Is a penny in the Training Bank.

Day after day,

Weeks after week,

Year after year,

The pennies accumulate;

Until you have great martial arts wealth.

Every seminar, course and lesson adds to the value.

Every note you take,

Every time you pay attention,

Everything you contribute to your teacher and classmates,

A penny drops in.

Every meditation,

Every time you stand straight,

Every time you breathe deep,

Every time you focus your mind,

Another penny drops in.

Bit by bit your power comes from within,

And you’re not so influenced by what’s without;

Eventually your martial wealth is yours to own.

The mortgage is paid.

You know who and what you are.

No one can take it away from you.

You change from being someone who is learning martial arts,

To being a martial artist.

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