Do The Dead Speak?


The dead are a part of us.

They live in our DNA.

The words they uttered are remembered,

They are written down,

Recorded and filmed.

DNA is changed by its environment.

Every action, thought and deed is recorded in it,

It’s passed down through generations,

From the beginning of time.

We are a walking record of our forefathers,

And everything we have read, saw and heard in this life.

When we meditate, we gain mental clarity and sharpness,

What we need arises from this bank of information.

Innate wisdom resides in all of us,

If only we can still the mental clutter.

In stopping the influence from outside in,

And allowing the inside to come out,

Everything we need is there.

When we sit in stillness and ask ‘is anybody there?’

An entire universe from the big bang onwards stirs,

We never were alone, we are emissaries of the dead.

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