Why I Choose A Dojo v Gym

Why I choose a Dojo over a Gym.

A Dojo is a community of mutual support.

Respect and dignity are paramount. We learn how to discipline the mind, develop emotional intelligence, relate to each other and develop a vigorous health that’s fit for purpose as opposed to vanity.

Martial Art training is a fun way to learn these skills rather than the ‘punishment’ we tend give to ourselves in a gym for not matching media expectation. They can be practiced anywhere without the need of expensive equipment.

Classes are not random, grades and syllabus are specific so we always know where we are on our journey.

Self defence starts with self care and mindfulness, protecting and directing our thoughts, emotions and health, extending outwards to strategy and technique in dealing with others and our environment in an intelligent and positive way.

Health is functional, natural and holistic without the need of additional steroids, hormones, shakes and vitamins.

MA’s are a family bonding activity where everyone can work and train together on the same thing to improve the family lifestyle.

Children learn teamwork, about personal space, strategies and techniques to deal with bullying and abuse of all kinds. They learn how to learn, how to respect each other and their environment through team activities.

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