War And Peace

Why do we take such a black and white view on dealing with violence?

You can’t view violence without looking at peace and conversely you can’t view peace without looking at violence. One only exists because of the other.

Martial Arts traditionally understood why this balance is important and for those of us that have taught peace and law officers at the sharp end of violence we have had to teach this balance.

You all know my mantra of ‘a soft front and strong back’ because good manners, politeness, kindness and gentleness, patience, tolerance and compassion are the mark of an emotionally intelligent martial artist/police officer/bodyguard/security officer.

When a situation turns violent they need the strong back to support that soft front with the capability to deal with up to extreme violence in an intelligent way without losing control.

This requires a well trained and internalised toolbox of strategies and techniques that includes dealing with drug and alcohol fuelled frenzy and sometimes just cold blooded, very violent people.

Peace is not natural and therefore that soft front can only be maintained by a strong back. The yin/yang soft/hard internal/external balance of the traditional martial arts is the correct way and has been there since their origins because it’s the only intelligent, way to maintain peace and a balanced way of living.

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