A Soft Front And A Strong Back

Why do we feel vulnerable?

We were quadrupeds that stood up to become bipeds possibly to walk further in the heat to get food but essentially we’re still built like quadrupeds.

This means that we face the world and others with our ‘underbelly’. That’s our vulnerability.

To understand this is important, we naturally have a soft front and a strong back and can use this to our advantage.

Meet the world with your empowered ‘yin’ front, meet it with courtesy, politeness and a caring, giving, empathic, compassionate front.

Just understand that it is supported by a strong back. Train your body, mind and emotions to have the power to deal with anything that might happen, but hide that power, the yin front will take you a long way in society and others will ‘sense’ the strong back and all but the idiots will want to meet it.

Remember that. A soft front and a strong back is the traditional martial artists code.

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