I’m not normal, I acknowledge that. I’m out of synch with what is accepted as ’normality’. I don’t have to try to think outside of the box, I have a problem understanding the logic of inside of it. I have never related to our culture, was a very troubled person until I discovered the intelligent analysis of Buddhism and Asian philosophy. It didn’t bring me to normality but helped me to understand that my cursed mind in our culture was also a gift that has helped me to share my ‘outside the box’ thinking with others who feel out of synch and accept the world the way it is.

There is a place for all kinds of people in this world if we can only break out of our perceived barriers and accept others, including them, trying to understand them and helping them to survive. When the world reaches that point of collapse and the current zeitgeist won’t solve the problems we need to have nourished those that are different as they could well hold the solution.

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