Martial Arts Are Defensive

2014 - 1

Martial Arts Are Defensive

‘Budo’ and ‘Wu Shu’ mean ‘to stop the spear’.

In Iaido we have a reluctance to draw the sword.

‘Satsu katsu’ means ‘life giving and life taking’,

When forced to draw we kill.

‘Karate Ni Sentenashi’ means ‘there is no first attack in karate’.

When forced to defend, we move decisively.

The Martial Arts are defensive,

But that does not make them weak.

Martial artists train every day,

Along with courage, resolve and determination,

We foster patience, kindness and compassion,

Martial arts training make us good people.

If the Martial Arts were aggressive,

That would make us weak, frightened people,

Like a snarling, scared dog sitting in the corner,

Having to intimidate every passer by.

Instead they make us emotionally intelligent,

Happy, relaxed and confident,

Able to foster good relationships,

And deal with situations where possible without violence.

If violence occurs we can deal with it decisively.

We do not fear the bully.

We are able to protect the weak,

As martial artists we are the ‘Peacekeepers’

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