The Yin Factor

Ann Side Kick

Men fight to protect their ego,

Women to protect their family,

Men beat their chests and shout,

Women prepare to be deadly.

Men move from the heart,

Women from the womb,

Men use their chest and shoulders,

Women their legs and middle.

Men use strength and power,

Women weapons and fluidity.

Men drink with their opponents after battle,

Women leave them dead.

Martial arts are more yin than yang,

They are quiet and deadly,

They use skill rather than force,

And are more defensive than offensive.

Martial arts rely on internal connection,

Their strength comes from the legs and core.

The quietness gives awareness and concentration,

And power from being sensitive and intense.

Do not mistake defensive for weak,

Power is in clarity and timing,

With no ego danger can be dealt with,

With deadly force if needed.

In martial arts training,

Men need to be more feminine,

Women more masculine,

But one doesn’t need to become the other.

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