Blind Assumptions…


Do you know what blind assumptions are?

They are the views and opinions that we grew up with,

They were always around us, our culture,

And we never knew they were there.

They came from our family,

They came from or friends,

They came from our schooling,

They came from our environment,

They were just always there.

We took them on board without knowing,

We naturally voice them as opinions,

We blindly accept them as a part of us,

Even though they never came from us.

They act as a barrier to the outside world,

We seek out like minded people,

People that ‘are like us’,

Even though they are not.

How do we find these assumptions?

Seek them out and change?

Firstly we have to go as deep as we can,

To discover who and what we really are.

Then we have to be mindful of everything we think and say,

To consider whether this is really our opinion,

To discover your blind assumptions can be a shock,

But from thereon you really can become yourself.

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