Losing The Way…


Photo by Ann Rowe

What does ‘culture’ do?

A baby sits and stands true,

They walk from the middle,

The world plays with them;

They are not separate from all around;

They smile easily;

Until they learn their name.

Others tell them who they are,

What they are like,

What they should be like;

School indoctrinates them as political slaves;

Who they really are starts to fade,

As a false identity is assumed.

Who are you?

I am my name,

My job is,

My car is, my hobbies are;

I am confused.

Who is he?

His name is,

His job is,

He drives…

His problems are..

Why can’t these people tell what their body is doing?

Why can’t they have pure intention?

Why are they so emotionally troubled?

Why can’t they ‘just do’ Kung Fu?

They had it as a baby;

And then they lost the ‘Way’…

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