Tai Chi Is A Martial Art

Yang style Tai Chi is a ‘standard’ form of Chinese Kung Fu. It is a distillation of other arts and the techniques and principles are clearly recognisable in both Chinese and Japanese arts.

Every hand shape in the gold standard Yang Chen Fu form and the internal mechanisms that work them can be found in a good version of Tensho (Rokkishu) kata that also has its origins in White Crane Kung Fu.

Every technique in the form can be effectively used through the ‘gates’ of the arms generally can be applied in locking, throwing, blocking, striking, strangling, choking, cavity pressing, stopping the flow of blood, air, lymph and neurology, shortening tendons and separating muscles, without having to adapt beyond recognition.

The art uses the standard weaponry of broadsword, double edge sword, spear and pole. The ‘style’ encompasses some of the arts old names like ‘Soft Cotton Boxing’ (the opponent puts their hands into soft cotton to discover a needle hidden inside) or ‘Deceptive Boxing’ (the use of softness to guide the opponent into a weak structure before negating their aggression). This is similar to the strategies of Judo, Ju Jitsu and even Karate before they became sports.

The name ‘Tai Chi’ is adopted from the Tai Chi symbol (often called the ‘yin yang’ symbol) as it embodies the soft front and strong back (the title of my new book) philosophy and culture of the art.

The structure of learning passes from ‘monk’ (health, emotional intelligence and discipline) to ‘warrior’ (defence of self, family and community).

Monk can be practiced separately for health and is a necessary grounding for effectiveness in warrior.

In my view the best Tai Chi Coaches embody all of the above and are able to teach and demonstrate the skills in a practical, layered, understandable and humble manner.

If you want to enroll on the Shi Kon 2024 Programme taught directly by me go to https://wp.me/p6RFtK-16L and message me for a form.

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