Shamanism In Tai Chi

Shamanism in Tai Chi.

We focus mainly on the snake, crane and tiger, these 3 animals are within every technique in a variety of ways.

Snake is bound to the earth, our primal
energies and reptilian brain. It represents our qi energy, the way we move against the earth, the way we ‘coil’ bonelessly in movement, wrap around the opponent and escape grips and holds. It also represents the ‘spit’ and venom of a sudden attack.

Tiger represents our mammalian energies, our powerful intention, qi projection, bone, tendon and muscular power, our structural integrity in framing our body, tearing techniques and leaping attacks.

Crane represents our higher, more spiritual brain and energies, the feathering of our fingers in trapping, the rapid flapping type attacks of our arms and the flinching to lighten our legs in stepping, leaping and kicking.

So all three animals are ever present, woven spiritually and physically into every single technique.

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