I’m So, So Sorry…..

Photo on 29-04-2019 at 13.12
I’m so, so sorry……
When I was young I didn’t know any better, I abused you horribly and am now paying the price.
‘No pain’ no gain’ was my mantra. I ran and ran and ran, thousands of push ups, sit ups and hour after hour in the gym abusing you because I was convinced that we were at war each other.
I fought and fought and fought destroying other people’s bodies in the Dojo and in the street as well as irreparably damaging you.
I fed you nutritional shite and drinks that others convinced me were ‘healthy’ and also abused you with the use of alcohol and other foods.
I now realise that I shouldn’t have been abusing you, that you are the vehicle for my mind and soul and I now promise to treat you more kindly.
You are now full of metal parts, are arthritic and carry a lifetime of scars from battle and surgery.
I now understand that you need love and care, good nourishment, good rest, deep breathing and to be held in good posture and balance.
The ancients knew the secrets of a healthy life, they are now lost to those who don’t want us to live in harmony as they greedily stuff their wallets with our precious time and souls.
But now I know – thanks to the ancient secrets of Neigong, Qigong and Tai Chi.
And I am so, so sorry for our past…….

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