The Power Chain

steve pad

You are only as strong as the weakest point in your chain of power through the body.  Below is a condensed description of that chain as taught in my last seminar and will serve as notes to those that attended.

The mind needs to be trained to be aware, focused and sensitive to be able to feel and know every part of the body and get accurate neural feedback of the positioning and productive use of each part, it’s surroundings and that of the opponent.

Feet and Legs
The feet give mobility, distance, angle and direction of power.  The spiralled engagement of the feet against the floor initiate the muscle and fascia lines up through the legs to join the waist.  The inside of the foot connects up through the inside of the leg, the ball of the foot up through the thighs, the outside edge up the side ‘seam’ of the leg and the fleshy part of the heel up the back.  The arch is connected to the tailbone, through the spine to the head is responsible for the snake like pulsing of movement and initiates the 4 energy pumps (rear of arch, lower back, between shoulder blades and base of the skull).

Hips and Wrists
The hips need to be trained to vibrate dynamically within the small range of movement they have without disrupting the knees.  This is directly linked to the wrists in punching to allow the fist to ‘stab’ vulnerable points on the opponent.

Waist and Shoulder Girdles
The waist is capable of an infinite amount of subtle movement to gain power and the student needs to be able to locate each layer of muscle and fascia and learn how to apply it, right through to the deepest small movements that manipulate the spine that pull and release the entire muscle and fascia ‘rigging’ of the body. The shoulder girdle needs to be co-ordinated with the waist and allowed to move and roll freely to add to and transmit power.

Chest and Back
The chest and back have immense opening and closing power, controlling the upper spine and ribcage for connection, rooting and bowing power.

Spine and Head
The spine twists, extends and bows forwards, backwards and sideways for energy and power.

The Bodycore extends from the head to the feet and needs to be softened and connected.  It opens, closes, stretches, compresses and has an infinite number of small but very powerful manipulations.

Elbows, Wrists and Hands
Most rotation of the arm is from the elbow downwards and forearm, wrist and hand position will rotate and position according to the strike. The clenching and opening of the fingers, thumbs and palms will activate the muscle and fascia chains up the arms in much the same way as the feet do the legs rotating in the opposite direction to the legs in the shoulders to connect through the chest and back manipulating the upper spine.

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